Solar Thermal System

Solar Thermal is one of the most established forms of renewable technology. It is uses the natural resource of heat from the sun and transfers this energy to heat hot water within a property.

Main Benefits:

  • Reduce costs of heating water
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Government RHI incentives available

About Solar Thermal:

Solar Thermal Panels can be installed alongside most existing heating systems and will provide you with a saving off heating your water through other conventional means.

A Solar Thermal system not only saves carbon emissions that would be emitted through heating your hot water with a gas or oil fired boiler, but it also provides a financial saving off the properties energy bills.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a local, quality Solar Thermal (Hot Water) installation service across Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties. Our trained Solar Thermal installers will ensure that a high quality installation is achieved and that your system is as efficient as possible. We are also MCS accredited meaning that customers have access to the government RHI scheme.

We also conduct Solar Thermal servicing locally in Lincolnshire. We offer annual services as well as bespoke services as required by the customer. Our trained and experienced engineers can also carry out any remedial works which may be required on your system with minimal disruption.

Contact us today for a Solar Thermal installation or service quotation.