Commercial PV - Boston

We are one of Lincolnshire’s longest established and most experienced MCS Approved installers of Solar PV Panels.

Main Benefits:

  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Income through government incentives (Feed-in Tariff)

About Solar PV Panels:

A Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel System converts the energy from the sun in to electricity which can either be used or fed back in to the national grid. A Feed-in Tariff incentive scheme is available for this technology which can produce returns in excess of 10%, in addition to making savings off the building’s electricity costs.

Solar PV panels can be on roof mounted or ground mounted, with the ideal orientation being South and shade free. Despite this, Solar PV Panels will still often produce decent yields in East and West orientations with slight shading. Even on cloudy days the Solar PV Panels still collect a certain amount of solar radiation through the clouds.

Solar PV systems can be designed and installed in a vast range of sizes from small 2kWp domestic PV systems to large 5MW solar farm systems.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a high quality and local design, supply and installation service for Solar PV Panel systems across Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas. Our in house engineers are fully trained and certified for all aspects of a Solar PV system installation, from initial design right through to final commissioning.

Over the years we have carried out countless Solar PV Panel installations throughout Lincolnshire on an array of different buildings, from small domestic systems, to larger agricultural and commercial systems.

With Scenergy you can be assured of the highest quality service and installation, from initial enquiry through to after sales service.

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